Tuesday June 24, 2014


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The name of the game in eyebrows is bold and beautiful. Please, step away from the tweezers and set your eyebrows free! Let the experts at G SALON help shape your brows, making them the big focus – strong and elaborate, making pencil thin eyebrows a thing of the past (thank you, beauty gods!)! G SALON also does brow tinting, with a vegetable dye to make those brows darker, thicker, sexier. Fill in with beingTRUE Brow Definer for a perfect brow…Brow Definer comes in three shades: Blonde, Auburn and Brunette…each contains a cream color and two powders which combine for a perfectly matched shade Apply with our Brow Definer brush for a gorgeous, full, beautifully-defined brow!




Speaking of wide eyes – winged eyeliner is also a MUST. You cannot leave the house without extending your eyes and having a cat tail flick at the end. Subtle by day, dramatic by night…we love our beingTRUE Obsidian eye definer, applied with a wet Liner Diffuser brush to create the perfect exaggerated line.




This season is also about lashes, lashes, LASHES!!! Start with a lash tint at G SALON…making lashes appear fuller, thicker and longer…then add false lashes or lots of beingTrue Hy-Performance mascara in Obsidian to create high definition lashes …let the makeup specialists at G SALON show you how!


If false eyelashes and black winged eyeliner are not for you, you may be happy to hear the alternative is white eyeliner. Yes, white on top and bottom. Our favorite is beingTRUE Phalaenopsis, a true white, applied with a wet Liner Diffuser brush for more drama, or a dry brush for a softer, more subtle effect…We LOVE this look…how 60’s of us!!!




And for those who want to jazz up their eyes even more, the shadow colors to be seen in are
technicolor…blue (Lapis), purple (Wisteria), coral (Carnelian), green (Peridot), silver (Galena) 2014
and gold (Coralline) and don’t forget the GLITTER!


Schedule a session with one of the artists at G SALON and get your brows, lashes and eyes in focus!