“We do not remember days. We remember moments.”
Who is your favorite celebrity hair stylist? Ted Gibson. I had the honor of learning from and working with him as an Aveda “Purefessional” – and driving him to the train station after a show!
What small thing could you do today that would add the most value to someone’s life? Show kindness, compassion and empathy, and get them to laugh… ALOT!
What are you most proud of? Why? Opening my own salon and building the best, brightest and most creative team in all the land! It was a dream of mine to create an environment where creativity was nurtured and stylists could grow, and clients would love to return to again and again.
Who inspires you? Why? My Mom. No matter what adversities she has seen in her life, she always comes out stronger.
Explain why you chose hair styling as a career and what you love about your work. The industry always seemed so glamorous to me and I loved the idea of getting to make people look and feel better about themselves every day. I love the relationships I’ve built with my clients over the years, and also having the opportunity to always meet new people and learn new things!
What is your favorite saying? “It is what it is.”

more about gail

Once upon a time…isn’t that how all great stories start? My once upon a time started out when I was a little girl, accompanying my mom to her weekly Friday “beauty salon” appointments. How I loved watching the uniform-clad “beauticians” curl and tease and spray and sculpt beautiful hairstyles. My mom looked like a movie star when she left the Princess Beauty Salon and I was hooked!

Welcome to the ’80s. The salon industry had been evolving over the years…”Celebrity Hairdressers” were emerging as innovators and pioneers of the beauty and fashion world. Vidal Sassoon, Kenneth, and Jose Eber had become household names, and women (and men) were becoming more educated and more selective about where they went to have their hair styled. I loved going to get my hair cut at the hottest salon in town, New Designs. The stylists there were like rock stars—designer clothes, designer handbags, designer everything…and could they do great hair!! I would sit in awe, with disco music thumping in the background, and watch as women were getting their hair permed, cut, colored and highlighted, their nails manicured and their makeup done, thinking all the while “THIS IS IT! THIS is what I want to do, where I want to be!” The salon atmosphere was high-energy, glamorous, FUN…how cool to get to be creative every day and make people feel and look so fabulous!!! I wanted to be part of it, to do what they were doing…so off to cosmetology school I went!!!

Fast forward 28 years…I still love everything about this amazing industry and could not imagine ever doing anything else. Throughout my career I have had so many wonderful opportunities to learn from and work with the best in the business: Vidal Sassoon, Sebastian, Aveda and Davines, among others. In the mid ’90s, I was selected to be part of Aveda’s National Education team…As a “Purefessional” I was certified to teach classes, participate in regional and national hair shows, doing both hair and makeup, and even had the opportunity to assist backstage at Radio City Music Hall at an Aveda Congress Festival. It was during this time that I was introduced to Ted Gibson, at the time one of Aveda’s Master Trainers, now celebrity stylist extraordinaire and star of the hit TLC show “What Not to Wear”. I had the good fortune to be trained by Ted along with other incredible Master Trainers, and had the opportunity to work with Ted and his team at a regional show. I even got to drive him to the train station after the show…how lucky can one girl get???!!! It’s an experience I will never forget!

In August 2005, I realized a long-time dream and opened G SALON. Create an environment where creativity flourishes, offer the very best in service and products, exceed expectations on a daily basis…this was (and still is) my vision for G SALON. I have a team of the most creative, talented, warm and professional stylists I’ve ever met and am so fortunate to work alongside and learn from them every day. We continue to grow as a team, constantly striving to be better by attending many types of advanced education, locally, in-salon and all over the world. Since 2007, I have attended the Davines World Wide Hair Tour in Barcelona, Venice and Miami, and look forward to many exciting educational opportunities in the future.

My work is my passion…I look forward to learning, growing, creating and sharing with my team and with our clients, while offering the very best service in a place where creativity is nurtured and excellence is achieved. That’s my commitment…and what a great time I’m having doing it!!