Friday August 15, 2014


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Each year, ELLE Magazine Surveys top salons across the country to see what trends are happening in their area. Then, they compile the results to select “The Best Hair In America”. Here are some of G SALON’S responses to the TRENDS Survey:


1. What are the top three most requested celebrity haircuts at your salon? Please be specific about the type of hairstyle (some starlets change their styles monthly!)


We have a lot of requests for a “softer” version Of Miley Cyrus’s short crop, we’ve also been seeing a lot of Shailene Woodley very recently! Giuliana Rancic’s mid-length edgy bob appeals to our professionals, as does Kelly Ripa’s cut- stylish and classic at the same time. As always, Kim and Khloe Kardashian are what we hear of and see for the long, layered looks.


ELLE’S WINNER: “The Mid-Wave”: Beyonce
Runners Up: Jennifer Lawrence, Alexa Chung, Zoe Kravitz, Kate Mara
ELLE’S WINNER: “The Short Cut: Shailene Woodley
Runners Up: Miley Cyrus, Lupita Nyong’o
ELLE’S WINNER: “The Long Lead”: Gisele Bundchen
Runners Up: Blake Lively, Jessica Alba


2. What are the most requested celebrity hair colors for blondes, brunettes, and redheads? Is there one celebrity’s color that seems to dominate requests?


Blondes- Blake Lively, Jennifer Lawrence, Shakira (multi-tonal), Khloe Kardashian
Brunettes- Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian (now that she’s brunette again!) Katy Perry (dark and rich with fun splashes of brights or, more recently, pastels!)
Reds- Emma Stone, Julianne Moore, Nicole Kidman, “Snooki” (vibrant cherry red)


Our clients have also been experimenting a bit with pastels, lavender like Kelly Osbourne and Nicole Richie, pink like Rihannas latest, blue like Katy Perry…not necessarily the whole head, but incorporating these shades into their color…FUN!!



Platinum: Ellie Goulding Champagne: Michele Williams Golden: Jennifer Lawrence
Honey Red: Emma Stone
Strawberry Blonde: Jessica Chastain Red: Christina Hendricks
Warm Brunette: Lorde
Espresso: Mila Kunis
Deep Purple: Katy Perry
Lavender: Nicole Richie


3. During the consultations, what do your clients say they like about the cuts and color? What feedback have you received?


Clients always love the movement that they see in celebrity haircuts, and they look for lots of versatility in the styles they request. They love having different options when it comes to styling their hair, wearing it up to head to the gym or a sexy updo on a night out; switching the part to reveal peek-a-boo highlights or a flash of vibrant red or soft yellow! Clients are always looking to maximize the shine in their hair, so we’re doing a lot of glazes with our colors to maximize the shine and enhance the tones


4. What’s happening at salons is a big indicator of the style of a particular city — what do you think the most popular cuts say about your region? Why are they popular?


Many of our clients are working women or busy moms who want to stay on top of trends and look fashionable with a versatile style that can be professional by day and casual or sexy at other times. They are always open to trying something different, especially if their favorite celebrity has a new look! That versatility can be achieved without having to spend a lot of time styling their hair, and by using a variety of styling products and tools, which our clients love to buy and use at home! By doing so, they can always look great while they maintain their busy lifestyle. As the warmer weather approaches, we do a lot of easy-to care-for styles, whether it’s long so it’s easily put up, or going shorter for a more carefree style. After the long, cold winter we had here in Connecticut, many of our clients are opting for lighter and/or brighter colors…we’re sick of grey weather and dull hair!


5. What vintage or archival hairstyles do clients come in asking for — for instance, is it Bridget Bardot? 1940s pinup hair?


We are full swing into prom/formal/ wedding season, and we’re seeing a lot of contemporary finger-wave styles reminiscent of the 40’s looks, more structured “teased” looks of the 50’s, or soft, flowing waves a la Veronica Lake (think: Blake Lively) . Our clients love to look like they are headed for the red carpet (Hello, Ryan Seacrest!) !


We’re also loving the trend toward boho braids, a throwback to the 60’s hippy looks, but more styled or intentionally messy!